Hapkido / Self Defense

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Hapkido is a martial art that evolved from the knowledge of many different self-defense systems. Korea, Japan and surrounding countries all passed on certain “secret” techniques, which were only taught to the the elite, or direct royal family members.

The attacks focus on the weakest parts of the opponent’s body such as arteries, nerves, joints, and organs, known as pressure points. The defensive movements use circular motions to diminish or neutralize the attacker’s power. Hapkido is excellent for women to use as self-defense against attackers!

Hapkido’s roots are connected to Datio Ryu Aiki Jujutsu and the Samurai Sokaku Takeda. His most famous students went on to found the arts of Aikido in Japan and Hapkido in Korea.

The art is recognized by distinct uses of Joint locks in offensive and defensive movements that demonstrate skill and life saving movements that require intense Focus (Chi)!

As a student of Barrington Tiger Academy, you will learn the techniques that will allow you to overpower much larger attackers. You will experience many facets of training and develop lifelong defensive skills and feel the pride of the ancient Hwarang warrior!

  • Hap - United - Concentrated 
  • Ki - Way of internal strength/power 
  • Do - Way of Life

Hapkido is the uniting of energy to counter, i.e. using power of aggressor with your power - and controlling the situation. This can be achieved not only on a physical plane but also on a mental plane.

Philosophy of Hapkido

  • To be Righteous - Righteousness 
  • To be Courteous - Courtesy 
  • To be Patient - Patience


How to get started in Hapkido

Barrington Tiger Academy has proven teaching methods for all ages and fitness level, come train with us and you will be surprised how easily you will be developing exciting new abilities. 

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